Max Rocket

Max Rocket loves you!

From the distant, exotic, and mysterious music planet known only by the cryptic code name “Durham,” comes the bizarre anti-anti-hero Max Rocket to cleanse the galaxy of audio monotony.

From this mysterious land, Max Rocket, or The Man Who Wears Boxers Under His Briefs, roxy-rockets his way through trouble, heals the lepers, feeds the leopards, and cuts the unruly locks of long-haired dirty children. If in a good mood he may even rescue you from the burning depths of Mars or Venus, assuming you’ve stayed alive long enough to realize you shouldn’t be there.

Max Rocket, oh the intrepid Max Rocket.  The man who stole his name from an out-of-work gay hustler and promised the world to give it a new meaning: a meaning of justice; a meaning of peace; a meaning of suave good looks and two-day stubble. And maybe even some music, if he has time.

On our fair planet, he travels without a rocket, DeLorean, indeed, without a Tardis: riding the sound waves of his music, driven by the power of rock and sarcasm.

Join Max in his adventures to overthrow the evil yet boring Uninspired Ones, purveyors of soulless songs and videos.

There’s room for everyone.